America’s Top Energy Efficient Baseball Park

According to the Alliance to Save Energy (ASE), of all the energy efficient baseball parks in America, Marlins Park, home of the Miami Marlins, takes the top spot. The park boasts an LEED Gold rating because of its energy-efficient building envelope. Their energy efficient approach to mechanical, electrical, lighting, heating and cooling systems results in a 22% cost savings when compared to similar structures.

The ASE notes the following important points:

  • The ballpark has an 8,000-ton retractable roof that requires a lot of energy to operate, but regenerative drive systems reduce power consumption so that it costs less than $10 in electricity to open or close.
  • Plumbing – which includes 250 waterless urinals – uses 52% less water than in similar stadiums. Meanwhile, landscaping around the stadium uses 60% less potable water for irrigation because its drought-resistant plants need less water.
  • Windows and glass panels provide ample natural lighting.
  • Marlins Park was built on the site of the old Orange Bowl, so it is accessible via multipletransportation options; the park also offers over 300 bike racks. In addition, 60% of the materials used to build Marlins Park came from within a 500-mile radius, which reduced fuel consumption.

Rounding out the top 7 energy efficient baseball parks are:
2. Target Field, Minnesota Twins
3. Nationals Park, Washington Nationals
4. AT&T Park, San Francisco Giants
5. Safeco Field, Seattle Mariners
6. Miller Park, Milwaukee Brewers
7. Busch Stadium, St. Louis Cardinals

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